Welcome to LowSea Leasing! One of LTO Network’s oldest and most trusted nodes on LTO Mainnet.

2 min readMay 31, 2021

We’re one of the oldest community nodes, running stably since the launch of LTO mainnet in January 2019. Payout is the 1st and 15th of every month, with a payout percentage of 96,5%.

Want to lease with us? Please follow these steps:
1) Create a LTO mainnet wallet here: wallet.lto.network (store your SEED words safely!)

2) Transfer your tokens to your wallet. You can do so from ERC20 to mainnet using the wallet’s build-in bridge functionality. Click ‘Bridge’ in the menu while logged into your wallet and follow the steps described there. Costs are involved for this move due to Ethereum gas fees.
Alternatively: Binance/Kucoin now support LTO mainnet transfers. Simply select ‘LTO’ when you withdraw from your exchange and fill in your LTO Mainnet Wallet address to send your tokens to it.

3) Once the tokens are in your LTO mainnet wallet, leasing is a simple step: Click ‘Leasing’ in your wallet’s menu and then ‘start lease’. Fill in the amount you wish to lease (make sure you keep 1 LTO in your wallet to pay for the start transaction of the lease) and fill in LowSea Leasing’s node address: 3JnZLvmVBXsc2XMug4e6yjyvPehr1Fjx9oM or simply choose LowSea Leasing from the public nodes dropdown list.

4) Done! Enjoy your LTO ROI as the LTO Network team works hard to increase adoption and bring the LTO Network solutions to their clients and integrators around the world.

ROI is fluctuating and depends on many different factors like total amount staked on LTO Mainnet, the level of minted reward tokens due to LTO Network’s new tokenomics and the level of transactions (txs) the LTO blockchain has.

Note: Your tokens never leave your wallet and stopping your lease can be done at any time. Do keep in mind the 50 hours waiting time when you unstake, once those pass you can send your tokens to other wallet, or restake them. You will always get paid for the time that you were leasing your tokens in LowSea Leasing.

Welcome to the group and let us know if there are any questions!




Crypto enthusiast. Traveled 6 of the 7 continents. LTO Network Community admin and owner of the LowSea Leasing node on LTO.