LTO Network: The crypto company that should have been on the stock market?

LTO Network is gaining popularity these last few months and for good reason. It’s the leading European Blockchain with strong fundamentals. So strong… people seem to have a hard time believing it. So, I took some time to write down some things that I find interesting about LTO Network and show you why it’s on its way to join the top40 coins on the CMC top100, where projects sit comfy with their 1+ Billion USD marketcap.

The Future

Just because! Why keep the best for last?!

For the last 2 years, LTO has established a solid clientele base with decentralized workflows, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) and document validation. With their earlier roadmap completed, they now shift their focus onto DID (Decentralized Identities). Using their mainnet in combination with the established trust network of extended-SSL certificates, LTO Network will lead the way for cross-chain DIDs through their partnership with Chainlink. By using their unique transaction type of associations, any blockchain will be able to cast out their net of trust using LTO Mainnet.

Using this DID structure, LTO Network will provide a structure for verifiable credentials. It will act as an oracle for the DeFi world, one of the fastest growing use-cases of the cryptoworld. Decentralized Identities are HOT. Just look at Coinbureau’s latest youtube video (about $LIT, but ignore that shit it’s about the DID). So, forget $LIT (starting from scratch, entire video is a paid shill), and replace everywhere you hear $LIT on the DID explanation part with $LTO. Then realize that LTO Network has an established clientele waiting for their DID solution. The thought ‘Build it and they will come’ rarely works in crypto. It’s about who you know and LTO has the connections, the userbase and the knowhow to be one of the major providers of DID in the oncoming years.

Partnerships like Horizen and Drep Foundation have already jumped onto the opportunity and I suspect many will follow once things through Chainlink become active later in 2021.

Read the newest LTO Decentralized Identities Litepaper and Techpaper here:

LTO Network 2021 roadmap

Interested to know more? Read on!

The Basics

United Nations and LTO Network launch land registry solution for the world to use.

The tokenomics

LTO Value Capture Cycle; one of the most direct in cryptospace. With current prices (0.22 USD) and daily transactions (100k) $ 5,500 USD is captured per day.

The Possible Counter Arguments

There is so much more to tell that I can’t possibly fit it into this post without making it a book. But let me close with some of the major against/worry arguments I’ve seen about LTO:

TL/DR: The LTO team benefits from a higher token price with their M&A funds, creating the opportunity to bring more value to LTO mainnet, and LTO price can grow indefinitely with the 2 possible counter solutions available.

The Moontalk

That’s it. LTO, the blockchain company that probably should’ve been on the stock-market. Not because they offer securities (LTO is an utility coin through and through), but for being too real for crypto. I hope you enjoyed the read. May the growth continue and see you on Mars.

Looking for a great crypto investment?

LTO is a Proof of Stake blockchain with a deflationary total supply that is driven by real adoption. Join LowSea Leasing and earn around 7% APY in LTO and be amazed by the progress that LTO Network is making in the cryptoverse.

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