LTO Network — LowSea Leasing Node update (1st of March 2022)

4 min readMar 3, 2022

March! Spring is upon us, while some people in the world are stubbornly trying to destroy the world… horrible and irresponsible. In a time where humanity needs to band together to solve climate change, food security and can achieve awesome things like building colonies on Mars, some morons believe hurt pride is more important.

I got nothing against Russia(ns), but this war is just stupid on so many fronts and completely unnecessary.

Crypto seems to be pulled into it as well with a clear market shock and then utility wise being used for finances, donations and probably sanctions circumnavigating too. I believe the LTO team remained quiet for a bit out of respect for the situation happening, but that does not mean there is no progress. Here is a quick recap.

The COBALT Alloy update was released to LTO Mainnet. 🤟

Currently undergoing voting, it looks like it will pass in one voting period as miner support is already above 80% on the average. This means that the vote should pass on this Friday morning and the new functionalities will activate a week later, on Friday the 11th of March.

COBALT Alloy is fixing a bug that was discovered in the initial COBALT release as well as introducing 2 “new” types of transactions.

Another exchange has added LTO: Coinmetro 🥳🥳

Coinmetro is known for spotting value projects early and takes pride in listing only real projects that support the progress of blockchain, defi and web3.0.

It’s also the first exchange where USA citizens will be able to buy LTO directly with a USD pair. Very exciting. Volume on the exchange is still very low, but it is good to have this onramp in place and I look forward to see what things it will bring in the future.

The LTO team also had an AMA with one of their newest partners: Your Open Metaverse (YOM). After delaying the AMA a week (due to storm Eunice that came to rip the roofs of many a roof in the Netherlands), it finally took place on the 25th of February. Arnold (Lead Architect) ran into some traffic troubles, but managed to join the call a few minutes late (never a boring moment).

Your Open Metaverse helps companies build metaverses and digital experiences. Their team is very skillful and contains numerous skillsets including Unreal Engine building experience. 👀

Check out the AMA. Or have a look at the excellent summary that one in the LTO community gave in telegram.

We also saw that Rick was visiting a pretty pristine car manufacturer in the UK: Aston Martin! I’m not sure if this has got anything to do with metaverses or ownables yet, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see if it will result in anything big. 🤔😏

*Insert James Bond theme*

Things were not quiet on telegram either as Shawn (CMO) held an (somewhat) informal community hub where the input/brainstorm from the community is requested to see where things could be improved, or perhaps new use cases could be discovered. Want to catch up? Start reading here.

That’s it! Let’s hope peace and quiet comes back to the world so we can all continue to #BUIDL. May the growth continue and see you in a few weeks.

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