LTO Network — LowSea Leasing Node update (1st of June2022)

After community discussions, some nifty developing and months of waiting, the time has finally come: JUICY has activated!

LowSea Leasing did its first post-JUICY payout and it was glorious. An amazing APY of 19% right out of the gate and that with a hard-coded max supply of 500M LTO. I think we can consider ourselves very fortunate with these structures coming into play to reward those faithful holders helping to secure the network. 👀

Currently, 112M LTO is staked on LTO mainnet. With 345M LTO in circulation right now, that is 32% of the circulating supply. Not a bad number, but I expect this to go up. As people come to mainnet to stake, we will see the APY slide down, but it also means LTO are taken off the exchanges, creating a supply squeeze which can lead to interesting results. 🚀🚀🚀🤩

And why would people stake LTO? Because it is a great project! Let’s dive into the news.

It was a long time coming. These last two weeks we saw not one, but two highly anticipated things released. First of all, LTO Network’s new website has gone live!

LTO Network’s new website

It’s a complete redesign to showcase more the true layer-1 that is LTO Network. With less emphasis on the B2B part (which is still present too, of course) and more clearly communicating the vision that drives LTO forward, it is great to see this launch. More info will be added to the website over time and there’s plenty of little things that still need to be updated, but I think Shawn and his team did a great job with it so far.

The second big piece of news is the official announcement of Proofi, powered by Chainlink.

This collaboration is an amazing step forward for web3.0 building. With Proofi, platforms/launchpads/exchanges and dexes can utilize the Decentralized Identities and Verifiable Credentials structure to save on costs while still following any mandatory legislation around KYC checking. It provides users the opportunity to keep better control over their private data and not having to send their KYC info to every platform they wish to get access to. It will be interesting to see which parties will start to make use of this structure in the future, especially with Chainlink involved.

Meanwhile, work is tirelessly continuing in the background. Digging around on LTO’s github shows plenty of activity on different topics, with one project in particular that caught my eye.

We all know from the LTO Network Ownables litepaper that smart contracts are coming to the private layer of LTO. And it looks like people are hard at work to make it happen. I found that very interesting, as I think adding smart contract support on the private layer will allow more people to more easily develop on LTO Network. I can’t wait to see what content creators come up with down the line when ownables get released.

But I suspect that road still has a long way to go. We will have to be patient. So, in the meantime, let’s introduce the world to Proofi. Spread the news, let your favorite dex or launchpad know of its possibilities and let’s make sure that together we let LTO’s growth continue!

Looking for a great crypto investment?

LTO is a Proof of Stake blockchain with a total supply of max 500M LTO and a great APY. The project is driven by real adoption. Join LowSea Leasing and be part of the progress that LTO Network is making in the cryptoverse.

Come stake your coins at the LowSea Leasing node on LTO Mainnet. Just follow these easy steps:

Staking is ledger supported on LTO Mainnet!

Come stake your coins at the LowSea Leasing node on LTO Mainnet. Just follow these easy steps:

Staking is ledger supported on LTO Mainnet!



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