LTO Network — LowSea Leasing Node update (1st of July 2022)

4 min readJul 3, 2022

I think it’s pretty unfair that crypto winter hits us in summer. Then again, it does give the opportunity to go out, enjoy the weather, family downtime and holidays. BTC is seeking its new lows and is regularly under 20k. LTO has recovered some of its sats, but could do with a better relief rally. I’m not expecting much over the summer, but this is crypto… so who knows. Looking at LTO Network, no major reveals took place in the last two weeks, but plenty of small things happening. Let’s dive in.

The total staked on LTO Mainnet continues to grow with now just crossing 118M staked. Mainnet rewards have certainly been JUICY, so I expect that total staked amount to keep growing. With it we’ll see new people enter the community, fresh opinions and new ideas coming with them.

Total Staked LTO increasing
Total Amount of Leases on LTO Network

I noticed there was a new LTO Network Newsletter out now. So, if LowSea Leasing’s updates are not enough to scratch your LTO itch, be sure to check it out. 😉

With no major reveals taking please, it was an excellent time to do some of the smaller community informative and fun efforts. We’ve seen the following:

  • LTO Quiz! Just a bit of community fun and a chance to win some LTO.
  • A blog was released jumping onto the fact that web5 is all of a sudden something special, while LTO Network already has these solutions readily available. Have a read to better understand the situation.
  • A reminder for those that still have their LTO in the ERC20 V1 variant: There was a new ERC20 LTO smartcontract launched last year, so be sure to swap your LTO from v1 to v2, or use the LTO mainnet bridge (both variants accepted) to bring them onto mainnet and stake them!

Meanwhile, the dev team has been working hard on things like Proofi (KYC for DeFi) and Ownables. Now that Proofi is out, the team is gathering feedback, solving issues (if any) and expanding features for the parties involved.

On the ownables subject, the team has been working on a demo. It is being showcased and discussed at #unchained, which is a blockchain hackathon in Berlin, this weekend.

Lead Architect Arnold Daniels @ Unchained in Berlin

I’m really curious to see how the experience was when Arnold and his team gets back. Ownables will likely bring the release of CosmWasm onto the LTO Network private layer… and it just so happens to be that there’s plenty of contacts at this hackathon that know Cosmos, etc. (including Ethan Frey, who will be presenting and is considered the Father of CosmWasm).

We also saw some updates from Rick. The new office in London is apparently set up. 🥳🥳 With London being one of the blockchain/tech hubs in the world, it will give easier access to opportunities with a location established there.

And for ownables Rick has been meeting people all around the world, with apparently this week’s trip going to Oslo. I wonder who or what he visited there. 🤔😎

I can’t help but feel excited about ownables, but I will probably have to be patient before the tech is in full use and we see the first projects launch. Nevertheless, I look forward to the day!

That’s it! May the growth continue and see you in 2 weeks.

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