LTO Network — LowSea Leasing Node update (1st of April 2022)

3 min readApr 1, 2022


BTC turns green, LTO turned green, spring has arrived. Solana is launching their metaverse. Life is good. Although… We saw a drop in BTC yesterday when stockmarkets turned red and the EU Parliament is prepping rules targeting transfers to unhosted crypto wallets. Regulations are on the horizon trying to weasel into crypto, but those that have been following LTO for a while know very well that this is precisely where LTO aims to shine. Let’s dive into the thick of it.

First things first. The new tokenomics for LTO are now on testnet. 🥳🥳

Testnet voting is happening and should pass this Sunday (100% testnet node support) after which true testing will commence. Once satisfied that all is right, it will come to mainnet for a community vote. It’s not expected that people are against the proposed changes, but as always we need to reach 80% consensus in order for the new upgrade to be accepted.

As a reminder, what will the new tokenomics bring?

  • More APY coming
  • Unlock time of 2 days will be introduced for stakers/leasers (meaning you will have to wait a certain amount of time after stopping your lease before you can move your tokens).
  • Introducing batch transfers to help corporations/enterprises/integrators be more cost efficient.
  • Introducing a fee cost voting method for the nodes to help keep usage costs more stable while the token price fluctuates (and explodes toward 10 USD and up like we all expect it to do 😉).
  • The burn on the paid transaction costs remains but is switched to a 50% of paid costs, instead of a set 0.1 LTO per transaction fee. This will help keep the burn in balance with the different transaction costs introduced under the COBALT update.
  • LTO will be temporarily inflationary, much like SOLANA, and will turn deflationary again with the growth of adoption and usage (as the amount burned will become bigger than the amount minted to increase APY).

LTO’s partnership with Triall takes it up a notch! Triall integrates its blockchain APIs with the eClinical solutions of Crucial Data Solutions (CDS), realizing the world’s first end-to-end eClinical platform powered by blockchain. Throw a little Sphereon in the mix and the world’s next generation of eClinical data is now a fact.

CDS has 7000+ projects with trials that average on have 20,000–2,000,000 data points. All this data gets an additional layer of security through the presented solution.

There was another community hub yesterday; questions & answers about new tokenomics, partners and more. Feel free to have a quick read.

And finally, Rick keeps visiting these exclusive car brands… last time was Aston Martin, now Koenigsegg. I have a feeling these are early discussions, but I’m curious to what use case we’ll see popping up down the line when the development of ownables has progressed. 🧐🤔

That’s it, quick and dirty. The market feels positive, so let’s hope the real world troubles work in crypto’s favor and not drag it down as the world politics continue to spiral. May the growth continue and see you all in a couple of weeks!

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