LTO Network — LowSea Leasing Node update (15th of June2022)

3 min readJun 17, 2022

Well, hello there, BTC at 20k! We all knew it was coming, some wanted it more than others, but LTO Network held up well as we dove to BTC’s previous bullrun ATH. With markets around the world still being very uncertain (who knows what will happen with giant inflation, energy poverty and stupid wars going on), but LTO keeps building and with JUICY released on LTO Mainnet, we’ve only seen an increase in the total mainnet staking amount. This means more LTO is taking from the exchanges, which is what we want as a community.

Here’s the latest!

Let’s start with exchange news first! LTO Network was listed on Binance.US!🥳🥳
After Coinmetro’s debut to provide LTO to USA based citizens, Binance.US now adds LTO. And while both exchanges have low activity at the moment, this bear market is an excellent time to get these gateways in place. That way, when the market turns positive again LTO is available in as many regions as possible.

In other exchange news, Kucoin has now integrated LTO Network mainnet support! By supporting LTO mainnet, users can now quickly and cheaply move LTO tokens between the exchange and their mainnet wallet. It lowers the threshold to take your coins off the exchange again, so people can enjoy their staking and JUICY APY.

And speaking of juicy information, Kucoin only requires 30 incoming block confirmations, making them about 15 minutes quicker than Binance to get your LTO coins from mainnet onto the exchange. It’s all in the details… 😉

The Proofi announcement we saw last update got some great follow-up initiatives. A press release was put on cointelegraph, as well as made it onto several other news outlets.

There was also a community hub AMA around the topic, which can be read back here. Or read the recap on Reddit or the blog.

In addition to the activity above, I’ve really noticed that a lot more focus is brought to web3.0 (or even web5 apparently now?!) and things like identity, regulation and more.

LTO Network has been planning and building for this. LTO Network is ready for this. It will be interesting to see what the next few years and the upcoming bullrun will bring, both in functionality and exposure. May the growth continue!

Looking for a great crypto investment?

LTO is a Proof of Stake blockchain with a total supply of max 500M LTO and a great APY. The project is driven by real adoption and focuses on identity, privacy and ownership. Join LowSea Leasing and be part of the progress that LTO Network is making in the cryptoverse.

Come stake your coins at the LowSea Leasing node on LTO Mainnet. Just follow these easy steps:

Staking is ledger supported on LTO Mainnet!




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