LTO Network — LowSea Leasing Node update (15th of July 2022)

3 min readJul 16, 2022

Summer is in full swing and it’s time for another update. Bitcoin bounces around the 20k USD like a madman, and LTO seems to hold it’s sats level like a champ. Let’s review the latest happenings and gossip.

Staking on LTO Mainnet continues to rise. 120M LTO is currently locked on mainnet, which is good for about 30% of the circulating/total supply. There’s still much more growth possible there though as APY remains at the level of 17–18% for now. I can’t say I mind… my bag of LTO is growing bigger every day like this. And the fact that LTO Network’s supply is almost completely circulating already is quite unique within the blockchain space.

As mentioned last time, Arnold and a few of the development team attended ‘Unchained’, a hackathon held in Berlin. They participated in the contest (results will be judged at the start of August) and were able to network within the circles of Cosmos, Polkadot, Ethereum and more. Since CosmWasm (Cosmos smartcontracts) is being researched for the implementation of Ownables, it was a great opportunity to tap into the knowledge out there in other communities.

LTO Network has joined the Metaverse Standards Forum. Founded by companies like Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia and more, this large group of organizations is looking to lead practical discussions on how to approach the open metaverse concept.

It’s an excellent opportunity to network and put the Ownables solution in front of many different eyes. Even if LTO Network by chance does not end up being a chosen standard, it will surely lead to additional connections and projects to explore.

Meanwhile, CEO Rick Schmitz is making the most out of the new London location. He attended ICE London (the Global Gaming Hub for all B2B industry experts) and the European Casino Association (ECA) Summer Symposium.

I think we can all guess what he was doing there; network and discuss the ongoing Proof of Concept project that LTO Network is doing with Les Ambassadeurs Casino in London.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed many more Casino/Gaming parties will recognize the possibilities of LTO’s Decentralized Identities and Verifiable Credentials.

That’s it. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the holidays without too much extreme weather. Let’s catch up again in two weeks’ time and may the growth continue!

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